Our experienced consulting team delivers high-quality, responsive, and customized service to help leaders form, implement, and review the results of the strategies that bring their organizations to their next levels of performance.  We apply the best practices in planning, leadership development, and enterprise-wide process improvement that have proven successful at leading organizations around the world.


Most of us find it easier to support plans what we help create. We learn better in our organizations when we know the business and strategic reasons for what we’re learning. And we generally pay more attention to what gets measured or reviewed. These are the principles on which the services and support of Business Centered Learning, LLC (BCL) are based.

Consistent with these principles, we help you engage your best practitioners, executives, and employees in the design, delivery, and review of planning and improvement work. We hold your organization’s strategic and business priorities as the framing context for all planning and improvement activities. And we help you build practices that allow frequent and inclusive evaluations of your measurable results and of the process you used to achieve them.


Strategic Planning – Process Improvement – Facilitator Training – Program Evaluation

Programs to advance an organization’s mission and business are sometimes put in place in isolation, producing uncoordinated or even competing efforts. The unfortunate results might look like . . .

    • a process improvement program with no strategic priorities informing it
    • a strategic plan with no way to resolve process problems during implementation
    • an executive-made strategic plan with no skilled facilitators to implement it
    • an in-place improvement program of unclear contribution

BCL weaves four services together to meet your organization’s needs throughout the annual strategic planning process. We begin with the use of the Hoshin Kanri method of strategic planning to select the top strategic priorities and create a measurable plan for achieving them.

As your organization advances that plan, you may run into things being done in ways that don’t support where you’re taking the organization. BCL provides process improvement instruction and team facilitation to resolve these issues and get back on track with the plan.

As the plan progresses and process problems present themselves, the need for skilled facilitators will grow. BCL provides group and individual instruction and coaching to help prepare a set of lead facilitators to lead the implementation and review of your plans.

Finally, all programs and plans ought to be evaluated periodically to make sure they are still doing what they were designed to do. BCL will help you assess and report on your work using proven methods in surveying, interviewing, and focus group facilitation.

These services are delivered through a team of experts in their fields, and all work begins with a precise definition of client objectives. The annual or otherwise-timed calendar of work is mapped out, initial meetings are held to get everyone on board, then off we go.