K24481_cover_1Reflections on Hoshin Planning by Founder Lisa Boisvert

“A significant contribution to the Hoshin body of knowledge. There is no such thing as a perfect solution, but in all cases, Boisvert creates a useful point of departure for practitioners to craft their own best solution.”        – Mike Cowley, author of Beyond Strategic Vision: Effective Corporate Action with Hoshin Planning

“This book is all about the insight provided “behind the scenes” of Hoshin. It goes beyond the mechanical processes, templates, and tools, and gets to the core of what’s really happening with the people and the organization. A very unique and valuable view of the process that I’ve not seen shared anywhere else.” – Rich Winters, Process Improvement Manager, NV Energy

“An engaging read with critical insights for leaders on achieving strategic success through the power of Hoshin Planning.”    – John Hamilton, Vice President for Quality, Philips and Founder of PlanBase