Even excellent leaders now and then need a fresh perspective on whether the strategic plan is really getting results. In addition, leaders active in the strategic planning process often face challenges in how the leadership team makes decisions, resolves conflict, or leads the changes need to succeed with the plan.

Maintaining an ongoing relationship with a trusted advisor can help you test your thinking and strengthen your confidence in the tougher judgement calls. Working one-on-one with a skilled, discreet, and neutral advisor can leverage the time and resources you’ve already invested in developing and implementing your strategic plan.

In addition to one-on-one consultation, there are other ways I can help.

  • Situation Reports: Conducting a short cycle of interviews and/or surveys to get a sense of how the organization is responding to a strategic initiative.
  • Leadership Communication: Drafting images and narrative to express the consensus the leadership team has arrived at regarding the vision and priorities for the organization.
  • Organizational Design: Advising on the design and management of the strategy implementation teams.
  • Decision Support: Facilitating leaders in the use of the tools and processes for making decisions and managing the change associated with implementing your strategic plans.
  • Coaching Project Leaders: Coaching project leaders on the particular capabilities necessary to implement a strategy, such as: defining measures, building out plans to more detailed levels, forming teams, and reviewing results on a regular basis.