Change Management

Certified Change Management Practitioner

Large scale organizational change can be seen as a series of ascents to plateaus. The trail climbs, winds, and at times is lost and has to be retraced. People in an organization move through change at different speeds. The best leaders stay agile, thoughtfully trying things until an approach works well, and adjusting how they communicate based on who they are coaching.

It can be tempting to charge up the slopes at the pace of the fastest climber. But it can happen that a group of people are a couple of plateaus behind, building encampments and brooding on ways to block the people behind them from getting any further. We tolerate and support people being on different plateaus, while at the same time working to get everyone within one plateau of the majority. It takes resources to serve people at each level of change.

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As we advance change, and apply metrics that may not have been employed before in the organization, things can look worse before they look better. And as leaders deploy a strategy across an enterprise, the degree of change required may be new to the organization. There are ways I can help you get through the challenges that attend large-scale change.